Important Info: Aquatics Center

SJPS Aquatics Center
Posted on 03/26/2021

Saint James Parish School Board members and staff have been receiving questions from the public as to why the Aquatic Center has been unavailable for use.  In order to quell any rumors or speculation surrounding the status of the Aquatic Center, the Board is issuing this statement so that the public can be apprised as to the current status.   


The Aquatic Center was recently visited by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office.  The purported purpose of the Fire Marshal’s visit was to observe certain pool equipment that had been installed at the Aquatic Center, during its initial construction, by a pool subcontractor who had been hired by the general contractor that built the facility.  The Fire Marshal’s Office was reportedly investigating this particular subcontractor because the subcontractor had been performing work in Louisiana without a license required by the Fire Marshal’s Office.  After determining that the subcontractor had performed work on the pools’ heaters, the Fire Marshal’s Office instructed the School Board to cease using the swimming pool heaters.  Due to the water temperature of the indoor pools, the Fire Marshals’ directive effectively shut down the School Board’s use of the pools.


It must be stressed that the School Board did not select or contract with, nor direct the work of, the subcontractor being investigated by the Fire Marshal’s Office.  Those functions were solely the responsibility of the general contractor who was retained by the School Board for purposes of constructing the entire facility.  Since the Fire Marshal’s inspection, the School Board has been in contact with the general contractor for purposes of rectifying the issue.  The School Board has also been in consultation with its legal advisers and third-party pool constructors for purposes of protecting the School Board’s rights and effectuating any repairs.  The School Board is diligently working to rectify the situation, but must do so within the confines of the law.


The Board certainly understands the frustration of students and parents alike.  However, the safety of the School Board’s students remains our first priority.  The School Board will, therefore, reopen the Aquatic Center to students as soon as the deficiencies are corrected, or whenever the water temperatures rise to an acceptable level and the Fire Marshal approves of same, whichever comes first.  In the meantime, the School Board will continue to pursue all avenues to get the Aquatic Center in service as soon as possible.

For the full statement please click the link below.

Aquatic Center Statement 3.26.21