COVID-19 Update 8.20.2020

SJPS COVID-19 Protocol
Posted on 08/20/2020

     Please find the following information for you to better understand protocols and clarify why situations are handled a certain way in regards to COVID testing and symptoms.


  • If an employee or student has two or more symptoms on our CDC algorithms, they are sent home -- they can choose to test or not.  They are sent home to quarantine for 10 days from when symptoms first appear and not return until they are at least fever free for 72 hours without using any fever reducing medicine. 


  • If a student or employee tests for COVID and has a positive result - that person must quarantine for 10 days and cannot return until they have improvement in symptoms, no fever for 72 hours without using fever reducing medicine and clearance from a physician.  


  • When there is a report of a positive result, we are obligated to trace 2 days (48 hours) before symptoms and ask the questions - who were you in contact with for 15 minutes or more and less than 6 feet from in that time allotment.  


  • If no one - then no one is contacted and nothing more is said.  Why? we are all bound by HIPPA (Privacy laws) to not say anyone's name. Please do not assume if someone is quarantined they are positive.  There are reasons for quarantine and not just because of testing positive.


     The district will send communication home if there is a positive test result to be transparent; but understand that limited information will be shared because of privacy laws.  If there are questions or concerns about these protocols, please feel free to reach out to Carol Webre ( or Kelly Cook (

For a copy of the official statement please click the link below.

SJPS COVID-19 Protocol