2020-2021 Class Scheduling

2020-2021 Class Scheduling
Posted on 05/06/2020
Class Schedule

St. James Parish High School Scheduling for the 2020-21 school year will begin this month.  Due to covid-19, we will be using a different process to schedule. Student email and/or phone calls will be made to begin the process.  Please check your student’s @students.sjpsb.org school email account. Once contact has been made(email or phone), the scheduling request must be returned to the student’s counselor by June 1, 2020.  The chart below outlines the timeline for student contact beginning the scheduling process for your child. 

Incoming Seniors

May 6 - May 15

Incoming Juniors

May 18 - 22

Incoming Sophomores

May 25 - 29

Incoming Freshmen

May 11 - 29

REMEMBER to check your school email account!