Operation COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Operation COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on 03/17/2020
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Current School Closure


Because of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, school closure has become necessary.  The safety and well-being of all employees, students, and their families are priority in St. James Parish Schools.  The following information will help to answer questions that have arisen.  Please be assured St. James Parish Schools will continue to work with state and local officials and will keep you informed via the district’s website, social media or e-mail.  


1.     Will instructional days have to be made up?


At this point all instructional minutes have been waived through April 13.  


2.     Will students still have to take state tests? 


BESE and LDOE are seeking a federal waiver.


3.     How does school closure impact Spring Break?


Spring Break did not change.  Students return to school April 14.  Should there be an extension to school closure, you will be notified.


4.     Will student meals be provided?  


Yes.  Meals will be provided to children ages 18 and under beginning Wednesday, March 18.  Information about when and where to pick up meals can be found on the district’s website and on Facebook.


5.     Will St. James Parish Schools provide distance learning? 


Currently, the St. James Parish School System is not providing distance learning.


Distance learning is defined as a form of education in which courses are delivered via the internet.  As of now, I n Louisiana distance learning encompasses taking attendance daily in every session or period, while ensuring every child and family have safe access to devices and the internet.  It also requires access to Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  


SJPS cannot adequately fulfill all aspects of the distance learning requirement.  Instead, St. James Parish Schools will provide information and resources for continued learning.  



6.     How do families gain access to information and resources for continued learning?


·      Information about these resources will be available on the district’s website before March 20.  

·      If you do not have access to the internet, call your child’s school and leave a message stating you are interested in printed materials.  

·      School personnel will get back to you to arrange a time for paper/pencil pickup.


7.     How are special education services being handled?  


·      We are following all state and national guidelines for special education students.  Upon return, IEPs will be reviewed to determine the impact of school closure. 

·      Questions?  Email Vondra Etienne-Steib, Special Education Director, at vsteib@sjpsb.org.


8.     What if my child is a dual enrollment student?


Dual enrollment expectations have been communicated to students via email.  The guidelines from partnering colleges are being followed.  The LDOE is working with the Board of Regents for possible waivers and exceptions.  If you have questions, email Anne at adetillier@sjpsb.org or Lisa at lkliebert@sjpsb.org.


9.     What is happening with Career and Technology Center (CTC) programs?


·      St. James Apache – tentative return date is April 14

·      Millwright Program – pending (return date to be determined)

·      RPCC Welding Program – tentative return date is March 30 


10.  What are the expectations of school employees? 


·      Check email twice per day. 

·      Check the website daily for updates.  

·      Any information received through email or the web is expected to be followed.  If you have any issues carrying out the expectations, you must call your immediate supervisor/principal.


11.  How will St. James Parish School employees be paid? 


·      Salaried employees (certificated and non-certificated personnel) and St. James Parish contracted employees (ex. Principals, APs, Supervisors, etc.) will be paid as usual.

·      Other employees should contact their immediate supervisors for details.