District Teacher of the Year Recipients

District Teacher of the Year Recipients
Posted on 12/04/2019
Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to this year’s Teacher of the Year recipients for the district. The teachers will move forward with completing a portfolio for the state competition.

District Winners

Elementary - Rachelle Morris

Middle - Chelsea Clement

High - Jessica Banta


Teacher/Principal of the Year 2021


St. Louis Academy                Sandra Martin

Sixth Ward Elementary        Cassandra Mitchell

Vacherie Elementary            Eva Knight

St. James High                     Jessica Banta

St. James Middle                 Stephanie Englade

Lutcher High                         Angie Roussel

Lutcher Middle                      Chelsea Clement

Gramercy Elementary           Kristin Naquin

Paulina Elementary               Rachelle Morris

Cypress Grove Montessori    Amanda Farve

SMA Middle                           Sylvia Beard

CTC                                       Troy Borne



Principal of the Year

Hollie Folse, Paulina Elementary